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Subdivision & Lot Add-on Plans

A lot add-on plan increases the area of an existing lot by combining it with all or part of an adjacent parcel.  A subdivision plan creates two or more lots from an existing lot.  Even a small subdivision can be subject to multiple permit requirements.

Whether you are developing a 200 lot residential subdivision or splitting a single lot into 2 building lots, we can help.  We work with local municipalities, so we’re familiar with local land development requirements. We know what regulators are looking for, and we know that quick approvals are important to your project. 


We're happy to answer your questions.  Contact us for a free estimate.



  • Site analysis, including applicable ordinances and existing features such as site access and utility services

  • Site layout and sketch plan

  • Preliminary meetings with municipalities and other approval agencies

  • Zoning and land use applications

  • Permits and approvals, including HOP, stormwater management, E&S control plans, NPDES, sewer connections

  • Traffic impact studies

  • Parking lot and access drive design

  • Stormwater and grading design

  • Public and private open space design

  • Sewer and water design

  • Final plans and specifications

  • Construction observation

  • Complete submission preparation

  • Coordination with all approval agencies

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